Leavers Hoodies & Leavers T-Shirts

Whether you’re a primary school, secondary school, college, or university, our customisable leaver's hoodies are cost-effective for all organisations. 

Customise your garments with the year, school or university logo, crest, and colours, as well as a name for each student. 

Explore our range of hoodies below, or contact our team to place your order over the phone.

How To Place a Leavers Hoodie Order

With our easy-to-use website, ordering your leavers hoodies, sweatshirts, or leavers t-shirts couldn’t be easier. Simply select your chosen style, colour, and size before adding your customisation options. Our website supports the upload of images, so you can upload your logo and brand name. We offer both screen printing and custom embroidery, depending on your preferred style.

If it's easier, we’re happy to work from large spreadsheets with your order details. Alternatively, place your order via email or by giving us a call at 01516662331.


What are Leavers Hoodies?

A leaver's hoodie is an item of clothing that you typically receive at the end of primary school, secondary school, or university to commemorate your time there. A leavers hoodie will usually include the names of all of your classmates, the name of your school, the crest or logo, and the year you left.

How Much Do Leavers Hoodies Cost?

The price of your leaver's hoodie or t-shirt depends on the size, style, and customisation of your hoodie. Our prices start from £11 for kids' hoodies, £14 for adult hoodies, £3 for kids' t-shirts, and £3 for adults' t-shirts.

If you’re ordering more than 50 hoodies or leavers t-shirts, please get in touch with our team to discuss a bulk order discount.

How Long Can a Name Be On a Leavers Hoodie?

We have the tools and technology available to print names of any length, however, we’d recommend choosing a name no longer than 10 characters, including special characters and spaces. 

What Colour Should a Leavers Hoodie Be?

Ideally, your leaver's hoodie would fit in with your school colours, without blending in with the colours in your school or university logo. If you aren’t sure which colour to choose out of our extensive options available, we’d recommend choosing a neutral option such as grey, white, or black.

What Sizes Do We Offer?

Our sizing range carries kids sizes from 3-4 years all the way up to 11-13 years. We carry an inclusive adult size range, from XS-5XL.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Whether you need 1 or 100 hoodies, we’re happy to cater to orders of any quantity. Speak to us about bulk discounts if you’re ordering more than 50 hoodies or leavers t-shirts.